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Microbiome Connect

Translating microbiome research into commercial applications

Who We Are

Microbiome Connect is an event series dedicated to showcasing the leading drug development and consumer product platforms applying live microbial consortia, engineered microbes, and microbial-derived metabolites to improve the health and wellness of patients and consumers.

Hosting audiences of executive decision-makers, from biotech, academia and service providers, these conferences in this series look specifically at the growing scientific understanding of the compositional and functional dynamics of the human microbiome, and how this insight is enabling innovative efforts to develop microbe-derived products that can prevent and treat various health disorders and diseases.

Attending these industry-leading conferences you will have the opportunity to meet pioneering companies developing robust, scalable, and reproducible formulations and processes for live biotherapeutics entering late clinical investigations, advanced product development and reaching for the clinic or the consumer market across the field.


Microbiome Connect unites industry leaders in microbiome-based products to share insights, inspire ideas and build new partnerships to address unmet medical needs. Since 2015 Microbiome Connect has been the meeting point for the microbiome community. Our event platform has brought together over 5,500 microbiome professionals across 3 continents and our online community is made up of over 35,000 engaged microbiome professionals.

  • Biotechs

    Biotechs are at the heart of the event – and as part of Microbiome Connect, you’ll join a global community of microbiome specialists committed to accelerating the development & approval of microbiome-based products to address unmet medical needs.

    From the big-picture trends in regulationinvestment and commercialization through to the critical details impacting each stage of the drug development process, our expert contributors will provide valuable insights into how you can move your business forward. 


    Our Community of Biotechs

    What our attendees say

    A great platform to discuss the currently most relevant microbiome topics - a must for microbiome drug developers.


    With several development programmes in our pipeline, Microbiome Connect gave us the opportunity to have good, open discussions and find partners to solve the challenges we have. I’d recommend this event to anyone involved in research and development.

    Kyoritsu Holdings Corporation
  • Solution Providers

    Microbiome Connect was founded on connections – on bringing together the breadth of the microbiome ecosystem to make partnerships that will facilitate industry growth. For 2023, we’re bringing a revamped 1-2-1 Partnering Platform allowing all attendees to meet new people, discover new organizations and create incredible new opportunities.


    Microbiome Connect Solution Providers

    What our attendees say

    If being part of the Microbiome Therapeutics conversation is important to your research or business goals, this is the place to be.

    List Labs
  • Pharma

    At Microbiome Connect, we know that the potential of the microbiome to treat disease is almost limitless – making it vital that you stay abreast of the latest research. Whether you’re actively sourcing external innovations or want to look at how you can develop your own microbial therapeutics or biomarkers, you’ll be able to gather the information you need to inform your pipeline strategy.


    Microbiome Pharma Logo Cloud

    What our attendees say

    Microbiome Connect has evolved into a "not to miss" event. The opportunity to hear the latest developments across a wide range of companies and key academic/regulatory groups is unique. Additionally, the networking opportunities are second to none. I intend to return.

    Ferring Pharmaceuticals
  • Investors

    We bring together a community of investors with a shared interest in the human microbiome. Engage with like-minded investors to exchange knowledge, discuss syndication opportunities, cut through the noise and hear the hottest preclinical data that’s poised to transform the microbiome therapeutic landscape.


    Microbiome Investors

    What our attendees say

    The ability to bring so many actively engaged professionals together for the purpose of supporting the collective knowledge in a progresssive environment made this event very special 

    Columbia Probiotics
  • Academics

    Connect with scientists as passionate about the microbiome as you are – helping you take your innovative research to the next level. Microbiome Connect is the place for microbial innovators from across the globe to come together to networking & learn, with the ultimate goal to truly harness the therapeutic power of the microbiome. Through 40+ scientific sessions, you can stay up to speed with the latest data and technologies impacting both industry & academia.


    Microbiome Connect Academics

    What our attendees say

    Microbiome Connect USA provided a space for all branches of the microbiome field to come together. It was a great event that had experienced speakers and multiple networking opportunities

    Ciarra Williams, Notitia Biotechnologies Company

Critical Needs Identified

Product Development

  • Deep dive into the most need-to-know data, technologies and strategies in drug discovery, clinical development and manufacturing across multiple therapeutic areas. Ensure you keep up to date with the key developmental trends and you meet the right people for your research & business needs.


  • Gain tangible regulatory solutions to decrease the amount of time needed for new therapeutics to reach the market. With more FDA representatives involved than any other microbiome therapeutics event, alongside leading regulatory consults, obtain the clarity you need to ensure your product meets its regulatory milestones.


  • If fundraising is your goal, Microbiome Connect is the place to be. We’ll have more investors in the room than ever before, all with one goal in mind: to evaluate microbiome investment prospects. Hear how to make your innovation stand out from the crowd and meet the right investor for your investment goals, whether you’re looking for early or late-stage investment.

Our Global Audience

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