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Through the exchange of ideas and how they are translated into action and impact, we continue to support positive change and growth in the beauty industry. Below is a sample of the insight on offer through our conferences, webinars and contributions from our network of industry leaders. We hope you will be similarly engaged, inspired and driven to act – enjoy!


Insight into the market dynamics that are having the greatest impact on an industry is what drives our business and it is this understanding that allows us to identify and secure the thought leaders who have a true 'vision' to offer. This is a small sample of some of that vision, we hope you enjoy. 

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Missed a webinar that has the answers you might be looking for? We make all our webinars available on-demand, so you don't miss an opportunity to stay informed or miss that next big idea. 

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Given the fast paced nature of the beauty sector, we feel it's important to share deep-dives into the most talked-about topics in form of in-depth industry reports, provided by our media partners. This is a sample of some of that shared insight.